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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Object Lesson - Tug of War Temptations

This can be used for a Primary Sharing Time, FHE lesson, etc.

Tug-of-war temptations

Show a picture of a family and explain that there are three important things we have been asked to do regularly to strengthen our family. They are scripture study, family prayer, and family home evening.

Then we had 4 children come up, 2 girls & 2 boys, and hung signs on their necks that said Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister. We also had two signs that said Temptations of the world, which we had male teachers wear. Then we had the "family" do a tug-of-war against "temptations". Naturally, they lost.

Then we had 3 more teachers come up and wear the signs we made for Scripture Study, Family Home Evening, and Family Prayer. They joined the children representing the family and had another tug-of-war against "temptations and this time were successful!

The children loved it and it was a great visual for them.

(Thanks to Michelle Walton for this great object lesson!)

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