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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Walton Family Commandments

We did this for family night several years ago. We follow the Lord's commandments, and added our own family rules to help us be happier as a family and as individuals.


1. Keep the commandments of God and always remember Him. What percent? 100%!!

2. Be happy and have a good attitude. Assume the best about people and situations.

3. Have family prayer, personal prayers and scripture study daily.

4. Listen and obey to parents and church leaders. Be obedient to government and school rules.

5. Clean up after ourselves.

6. Love each other and be kind and considerate.

7. Give service to a healthy degree and avoid selfishness.

8. Use words carefully. No gossiping or bad words. No whining or interrupting.

9. Take good care of our bodies and minds. Study and learn. Exercise and eat well.

10. Do what you say you will do and be responsible. Take responsibility for your actions.

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