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Monday, October 19, 2009

Cub Scouts - Jungle Safari Pack Meeting Games

Monkey, Monkey, Tiger - (play this like Duck, Duck, Goose)

Elephant Soccer –
Boys from a circle with legs wide apart and their arms hanging down in front of them, with hands clasped together to form a trunk.
Leader rolls a ball across the circle trying to get it between a boy’s legs.
Boys must try to keep ball in the circle, using only their “trunks” to control the ball.

Loose at the Zoo -
Make cards with names of different animals (have several children assigned to each type of animal).
Mark two parallel lines on each side of the gym.
Select two players to be the zoo keeper. The rest of the boys are the zoo animals.
Give each of the zoo animals a card with the animal they will pretend to be in the game. Zoo animals hide their identity from the zoo keepers.
The zoo keepers stand between the lines while the other players stand behind one of the lines.
The zoo keepers patrol the zoo (play area), walking back and forth between the lines, and making sure there are no animals loose in the zoo.
At the same time the zoo keepers must shout out the names of the different zoo animals.
Players whose cards match the animal names called out must run to the opposite side of the play area before the zoo keepers tag them.
Any boy who is tagged must freeze instantly.
Other boys run around the frozen animals.
Any boys who make it across stand at the line for the next round.
The game is over when all the animals are frozen.
The very last zoo animal to get caught is the winner.
Creative option-
Instead of having the boys who were tagged freeze, let them become assistant zoo keepers and try and help tag the animals that are still free.

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