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Monday, January 24, 2011

Cub Scouts - Skit Ideas

The Musical Toilet Seat Skit

Equipment: Anything to sit down on, a toilet seat (Can improvise if needed)
Preparation: Make sure people have the correct names for the artists & styles of music

Announcer: Come and get your musical toilet seats! Only (Price) Each!
1st Person:{walks on} Hi, since I like {Type of music} I want to have a {insert artist of the style} musical toilet seat.
Announcer: Okay, here.
(continue on having different boys ask for various types of musical toilet seats until the only type left is Patriotic)
Last person: Since I like my country, I want a toilet seat that sings the national anthem.
Announcer: Here.
(person leaves)
Person: (Very Constipated) Sir, I'd like to return the seat.
Announcer: Why?
Person: Because whenever I sit down, the music plays and I have to stand up!

Bridge Skit

Preparation: Have each scout come up with a sob story about what's going wrong with their life, and have one scout memorize the reporter's story.

The reporter (Boy 1) comes onto the stage from out of view crying and looking really down. Then he says something to the extent of, "I'm a horrible reporter, I just got fired from Channel 2 news (Or local news station), I can't find any good stories, I might as well just jump off this bridge."
He swings his arms, as if to jump off an imaginary bridge, and counts "1, 2..." and is interrupted by boy 2:
"Hey hey buddy! What are you doing? Were you about to jump?" (First scout replies yes and explains that he is a horrible reporter).
Then the second boy replies, with tears in his eyes something like:
"Well, you know, my wife just left me and I'm bankrupt..." etc. and gives a big sob story.
Then the two of them say "Well, let's jump off together, O.K.? 1, 2.." and they are interrupted by another boy who asks them what they are doing, etc.
Then the new boy gives another sob story and the cycle repeats.
This can repeat as many times as you want as long as there is enough time.
Then, once the last boy has gone, they finally count "1, 2, 3!" and they all jump except for the reporter. All the other boys lie on the ground in front of them 'Dead' and the reporter walks off laughing, "Man! This will make a great story!"

Bubblegum Skit (can be done with all actions, no talking)

Equipment: 1 chair

1st guy walks out to the chair, takes his gum out of his mouth, places it on the back of the chair, then walks off.
2nd guy walks out to the chair, leans his hand on the back, finds the gum on his hand, and totally disgusted wipes it on the seat of the chair and walks off.
3rd guy walks up to the chair and sits down. He realizes with great disgust that the gum is stuck to his bum. Disgusted, he peels it off, throws it to the ground, and walks off.
4th guy walks out to the chair, then realizes he's got gum stuck to his shoe. With great disgust he peels it off, sticks it to the back of the chair, and walks off.
1st guy comes back, walks up to the chair, peels it off, sticks it in his mouth and walks on.

Invisible Bench Skit

Boy 1 is on the invisible bench already
Boy 2: (walks up to to SCOUT 1)What ya doin'?
Boy 1: Siting on this here invisible bench.
Boy 2: Can I join ya?
Boy 1: Sure!
Repeat until all but one of the scouts are sitting on the invisible bench.
Boy **:what are you doing?
Boy 1: sitting on this invisible bench.
Boy **: How can you? I moved it over there yesterday! (pointing somewhere else)
All the boys that were sitting fall down.

Will you hold this box Skit
Equipment: 2 chairs and a medium size box.
Boy sitting in the chair is approached by another boy carrying a box. Boy with box asks seated boy "will you hold this box for me". Seated boy says "yes", as other boy exits to other side of stage seated boy holds up box with a look as though the box has a leak. Boys off stage enter on at a time and sit by seated boy and ask "what's in the box", not knowing he shrugs and says "I don't know". The boy without box the wipes the corner of the box with the leak tastes it and says "taste like the water at school", then he exits. Next boy enters and does the same except says taste like ????? (whatever they want ie. bug juice at scout camp). After all boys have come across stage first boy with box comes back to get box, thanking holder, he holds up box looking at leak and proclaims, "bad puppy".

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