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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nursery - Car Racetrack

I made this "racetrack" for our church nursery and it was a HUGE hit! All the kids gathered around to play with it during toy time.

Here is a picture of my son (older than Nursery age) playing with it after church. It is a lollypop in his mouth, not something else in case you were wondering...

Here's How I Made It:

1) I bought a 10 foot plastic raingutter from Lowes hardware store and cut it in half so that I could make two tracks (one for each nursery).

2) I put tape along the edges to make sure no one got cut. The edges weren't sharp, but I just wanted to be sure to make it really safe since the kids are little.

3) Then we drilled two holes at one end of the racetrack and tied ribbon through it so that we could secure the track to a chair.

I brought some Hot Wheels to church and the kids fell in love with the racetrack. We leave it in the nursery room so that all the wards can share it.

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