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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nursery - Schedule

I am currently serving as a Nursery Leader at church.  Here is a copy of our Nursery Schedule for anyone who may be interested.  I works really well for us.
A few notes about our Nursery:
-A few minutes after nursery starts (and kids have all arrived) we have pictures of each kid on a magnet and we make a big deal about about welcoming each child by name and putting each magnet on the blackboard.  We also mention the names of kids who are missing and say that we miss them.  We use these magnet pictures to hold the child's coloring project later on.
- We play Primary Music with my Ipod and small speakers.  It brings a calming feeling to the room.
-We teach our lesson during snack time.  The kids listen better and they are already sitting down.  We have some little ones who just can't sit still three different times so we only expect them to sit for snack Time and singing time.
- We have a Young Women called as singing leader who comes in and leads us in 4-5 songs each week.  At the end of class, we sing songs on our own while waiting for the parents to arrive.  We also do "Ring Around the Rosies" and finger-play songs.
-We do bubbles when and if the kids start to get restless (usually about 15 minutes before the parents arrive).  We only do bubbles for a few minutes because Our Stake President said the bubble solution is bad for the carpeting.
- We follow the same schedule each week and the kids love knowing what to expect.  We announce what activity will come next to allow kids time to transition mentally.
- Lastly, Nursery goes a lot more smoothely when parents leave the kids and don't stick around in class.  We've had some screamers, but they adapt after a month.  It takes much longer to adapt if parents insist on staying.

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