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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time Out for Women - Holiness in Motherhood

Linda Eyre and her daughter, Shawni Eyre Potheir, shared some fabulous insights about motherhood.

They talked about moms and dads getting together (without kids) each month to evaluate the how the kids are doing physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  I love that idea and plan on implementing it.

They also gave the following things for mothers to remember as they embark on the journey of having holiness in motherhood:
1) Remember who your children really are
2) Remember who you really are (take an alone day to re-evaluate yourself on occasion; involve yourself with other women; don't be COMICALLY OVER-COMMITTED! - yep that last part was for me!)
3) Remember who the Savior really is (let the Savior be involved in your day, invite Him to come with you)

Ask yourself these questions:
How can I invite the Savior to be part of my life?
How can I have more faith through my tribulations?

I bought a great book by Richard and Linda Eyre called, "The Entitlement Trap" which I am going to be reading this month.  We want to raise responsible children and they have some great ideas in their book.

Here is the link to Shawni's blog and some other great websites:
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