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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cub Scouts - Cupcake Picks for Blue & Gold Dinner

Our theme for Blue and Gold this year is "Building Compassion."  Our pack is decorating the tables with building blocks that have pictures of the Cub Scouts on them.

For the cake contest, my son and I decided to make cupcakes.  We will put picks on the cupcakes that have letters that spell BUILDING COMPASSION.  Here are the letters that my son and I designed.  Feel free to use them too if you'd like an easy (but cute) decorating idea.

You can save my jpg file into your program of choice (I used PowerPoint) and print it out on cardstock.  Then just cut squares out, attach to toothpicks or small popsicle sticks, and place on top of your frosted cupcakes.  Put the letters in order so people can read "building compassion."  Easy breezy!

(I used Stampin' Up's My Digital Studio program to make the letter squares.)

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