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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Teacher Appreciation - Daily Themed Gifts

Here are the gifts I made for my son's elementary school teacher.  We had daily themes at our school which was very fun (see flyer below).

(Monday's theme is a "Flower and/or thoughtful note."  Here's a note from my son and a package of Thin Mint cookies.  My week is going to be too crazy to worry about a real live fresh flower.)

(Tuesday's them is "Favorite Candy" - We weren't sure what her favorites were so we just threw in a couple kinds since we knew she liked chocolate)

(Wednesday's theme is "Favorite Drink."  This is a regular water bottle with decorative duck tape on it.  I added cute ribbon on the top.  We threw in some of those Crystal light flavor packets because they are easy to keep in a drawer at school to be added to water anytime.)

(Thursday's them is "School Supplies."  I decorated these gigantic paperclips so that the teacher could use them to group papers.  The paper clips are about 4 inches tall and an inch wide.... not sure where to buy them since my mom gave these to me.  Then I threw in some thank you cards because teachers go through lots of those!)

(Friday's theme is "Favorite Pampering Item."  These are some cute fluffy socks that I got in the dollar section at Target, well the $2.50 part of that section.  I bought the shower gel on sale at Bath & Body Works.  It helps to plan in advance.  I buy things throughout the year when they are on sale.)

(I got these cute boxes at the dollar section of Target a few months ago.  It doesn't show it, but I added the daily theme signs to each box and attached them with a colored binder clip.  My son will bring one gift each day.  The teacher can also use these containers in her classroom later on if she chooses to.)

(The boxes are cute with little handprints all over them.)


Susanna said...

An awesome idea and a great post!

Wendy Anderson said...

May I steal your printout for the weekly suggestions?

Wendy Anderson said...

May I steal your graphic/printout to handout in our 3 elems?