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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Avoid Paralysis by Analysis

I heard the phrase "Paralysis by Analysis" from a friend the other week and it was like a lightbulb went off.  We all have someone in our life (family, workplace, church callings, school, etc) who is unable to function effectively due to over-analyzing everything.

I am a fan of thinking things through, but when you think and think and analyze and analyze for an inordinate amount of time, you really become frozen in that pattern and don't actually get anything done.  So no matter how great the thoughts are, they are pretty pointless if you don't turn the thoughts into actions.

I am also a big fan of getting things done.

I made this little sign for a certain relative of mine, hoping it will help him (he'll think it is funny, but true).  I printed it out and put it in a little black picture frame that I bought at the $1 section of Target a while back.  Did I mention I am also a big fan of the Target $1 section?

If you are an over-analyzer, I hope this helps you.  If you live or deal with someone who suffers from this condition, maybe this will help you have patience as you realize that this is a serious condition, right?

Now I'm going to get something done before I think about it too long....

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