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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Party Game - Murder Wink

Murder Wink (also called Murder in the Dark, played by candlelight is best)

Equipment: Pack of playing cards

Good old murder wink that everyone loves. I've included it as a teen party game because I find that there are always so many different variations of this party game and so maybe this is one that you don't know.

Count out a number of cards that equals the number of players. Make sure to include one Jack. Sit everyone around the room – it's best not to have a too tight circle – and issue each person with a card. They should secretly look at their own card and the one who gets the Jack knows that he/she is to be the murderer. The rest of the players are to be the potential victims.

The aim of the game is for the murderer to kill off as many players as possible before he is spotted. He does this by subtly and surreptitiously winking at someone. That person then waits five seconds and then with great theatrical drama falls to the ground. If you are not the murderer, your aim is to catch him in the act of winking.

If you know who it is you may say but only if you have not already been murdered. If you are wrong you are out of the game and unfortunately so is the person that you accused. Always a popular teen party game especially if played at night.

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