Friday, October 26, 2012

District Volunteer of the Month

I was a bit embarrassed about being named the volunteer of the month in our school district, but I figured I should put it on my blog for posterity's sake.  And I must admit it is fun to be able to google my name and have something show up.

It is interesting... the district asked me to answer a bunch of questions and some of the information made it in here and some of the stuff written was a surprise to me.  For instance, I don't really babysit unless you count my substitute teaching at school (which sometimes feels like babysitting LOL) or when I volunteered and coordinated in the Cool Room (a game room where students can come in out of the heat to cool down and play games during lunch recess when the temp is higher than 100 degrees).  At any rate, it is nice to be appreciated although that is certainly not why I do all the volunteering that I do :)  ~Pam

November Volunteer of the Month Volunteers in the Classroom and Out in the Community

GPS November Volunteer of the Month Pam Walton
AR Elementary School has selected Pam as the November Volunteer of the Month.

Pam has been volunteering countless hours at AR Elementary for the past six years and has helped wherever she is needed. She has worked in the classrooms and especially loves working with students on English and reading. She is currently the PTSO Vice President of Teacher Care, helping coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week and monthly treats for teachers, as well as handling PTSO requests from teachers.

Helping in the classrooms at AR Elementary is not her only claim to school fame. Pam has been a support system for staff and families outside school hours as well. “Pam is essential to our school because she is willing to provide support for staff and AR families in any way they need, from babysitting to providing meals, to organizing a fund raiser,” said the principal. “Sometimes she is just there with a warm smile and a calm manner to provide support in any way necessary.”

Although Pam’s help at school is very appreciated, she feels her job as a volunteer is most important because she is helping the students and showing the teachers and staff how important they truly are. “I believe that schools are more than just scholastic institutions. Each school serves as an important hub that brings community members together, it is crucial for children to have a happy place to learn, develop talents, have fun, and feel included and treasured. Our hard-working teachers and staff also deserve to feel appreciated and valued. They contribute an incredible amount of time and resources, and I personally want to volunteer to help lighten their loads,” said Pam.

“All that you have to do is meet her and spend a little time talking with her to know that she is a very special person! We are blessed to have her as part of our school community,” the principal said.

(Side note - I don't ever babysit for school things.... I do substitute teach there and on some days it could feel like babysitting LOL)

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