Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Refinance with No Added Fees

I had to share my recent great experience with my blog readers.  Keep in mind that I don't get any kickback for putting this blurb on here - my motives are pure and I just want to pass a good deal along.  I blog to spread ideas and happiness, not to make money.

We just refinanced our mortgage and had a great experience (low rate, awesome service, efficient).  I usually dread having to do all the paperwork associated with things like this, but this was relatively painless which was a delight to me.

I HIGHLY recommend Shane Denny with First National Bank if you want to refinance or get a new home mortgage.  He can do business in any U.S. state.  We've known Shane for over 20 years and he is honest, smart, and gets the job done quickly and correctly.  Plus he has a great sense of humor and wonderful personality (a definite bonus).  I did a lot of research and met with various lenders when we decided to refinance, and Shane had the best rates and best pricing so we were thrilled to get a great deal and do business with someone so trustworthy.

If you mention you were referred by me (Pam), he will waive his fees, like he did for us, which saved us a TON of money.  Sure, you still have to pay for your title, escrow and that normal stuff, but there are no added fees like most lenders throw in.  Again, I make no money off of this, I am just trying to share the joy, save you some time, and get you a good deal.

Here's his contact info:
E. Shane Denny
Loan Officer
First National Bank
NMLSR# 315211 
Office: (801) 890-1786
Cell: (801) 592-0369 (call or text)

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