Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gilbert Arizona Temple Open House

This is a picture I found on-line (I didn't take it).  The rest of the pictures of the temple were taken by me or by other family members.

The Gilbert Arizona Temple Open House for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is going on January 18th through February 15th.  We had the opportunity to attend and it was WONDERFUL!  If you're going to be in Arizona, I highly recommend taking a free tour of the temple.  The touring process is very well-organized and runs smoothly (takes about 45 minutes in total unless it happens to be very crowded).  They expect 300,000-500,000 people to visit in the month that the tours are available.  Open to all ages.

If you'd like to visit, click HERE to make reservations.  You can also just show up without a reservation ticket but may need to wait in line longer.  They want everyone who is interested to be able to take a tour.

Here's a picture of the visitors going to the temple.

The details on the building and the stained glass windows are so lovely.

This temple is the tallest building in Gilbert.  Lots of stairs inside (but they also have elevators for those who need them). 

The landscaping is so beautiful with native Arizona plants and trees.  The agave plant was an inspiration in some of the details on the architecture and decorating.  I'm sure people will love walking around the temple grounds for years to come.  There is a very peaceful feeling there.

There are also some beautiful water features.  I think my cute little nephew was tempted to climb on in since it was a warm day.

 People can come in no matter how they are dressed but "church dress" is preferred if possible.  My son's friend made quite a fashion statement with the shorts and black socks and shoes.  We nicknamed him "Mr. Shorts."

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