Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Disney TRYit TRYathlon

We had the chance to spend the 4th of July in Huntington Beach, CA this year and boy do they know how to celebrate there!  The have a big parade, parties in the streets, street fairs, fireworks, hanging at the beach, and general fun.

While we were walking near the pier, we were lucky enough to stumble across a set of Disney booths where people of all ages were encouraged to try new things.

It was a Disney TRYathlon.

It was completely free and they were not trying to sell anything which was quite refreshing.  They even gave everyone a free gift bag at the end if you tried out every booth.  Plus they hired people from a local talent agency to work there for the day so everyone was hip and good-looking, some even had tattoos.  Sort of like an acting gig.

They have several other stops planned for their tour this summer in Chicago, Columbus, Minneapolis, and Baltimore so if you're near those cities I encourage you to stop by for some fun.

Even if you can't attend an event, they have fun things you can do obtain from their website - recipes, activities, etc.  The activities involve being active, planting a garden, nature trekking, relay races, learning new stretches, sports, and so on. Go check it out.

TRYit - They had some sport activities for people to try shooting giant blow-up basketballs in a hoop and kicking soccer goals.

TRYit - They also had a station where you could try to make balanced meals using laminated pictures of food. This was based on the the Choose My Plate government website.  I personally like that they use a plate to show kids how to create balanced meals.  I used this to help my son with his Boy Scout Cooking Merit Badge.  They have simple recipes on the Disney website for kids to experiment with.

TRYit - Another booth let you try out some financial planning. It was co-sponsored by T. Rowe Price. The workers gave each person ten disks that were each worth $1,000.  Then you had to choose three big things to pretend to purchase on the list they provided (like a tablet, bike, karaoke machine, scooter, etc. at various prices).  With the leftover money, they had a probability "Plinko" type board with nails.  You chose three numbers to choose between 1-10.  Then you put a disc at the top and watched where it landed.  If it landed on your number that represented losing in the stock market.  They would put more $1,000 discs in all the cups except for the losing numbers.  It basically wanted to show people that being diversified in the stock market is still a great investment over the long haul.  The other thing the demonstrated was using a balance scale (see in the picture below).  They gave each person several cardboard tags to hang out there. On one side, you had to decide whether you would invest in the stock market, bonds or short term savings.  On the other side you could choose between vacations, college and retirement.  You could distribute the cards in various ways to get the scale to balance.  Basically it showed the importance of matching your savings to your needs and a lot of that involved the stock market with the exception of keeping some money for vacations in short term savings.  Very informative and my dad even enjoyed it.  At that booth they gave each of us ear bud headphones when we turned our $1,000 discs in.

TRYit - Creativity was co-sponsored by American Girl and they had art and sticker projects there.  My boys weren't that interested in that due to the American Girl theme but we stopped by for a minute. Girls would have loved it.

At the end, we were each given a fun bag with all sorts of cool things in there.  They were quite excited and I was impressed that Disney and the co-sponsors made the effort to rent the area near the beach, provide the booths and staff, and give out free things without anything to gain.  It was pretty much a public service event.  Good for Disney!

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