Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Topiary Cuteness

I am a plant lover.... I have plants in my yard, on my porch, and in my house. They just make me happy.

Since I live in the desert, keeping plants alive and looking green can be a challenge.  I have to make sure not to under-water my plants so that they don't dry up.  I have to be careful of over-watering because the soggy soil causes roots to rot and little gnats and pests to appear. And when I go out of town, I literally have to talk one of my friends into coming over to take care of my living plants.

So when I find a nice looking artificial plant, I sigh with relief, knowing that the only maintenance it will require is to be occasionally dusted. I'm sure my plant-sitting friends also appreciate that I don't have to ask them for favors too. Plus I never have to worry about little bugs (eww).

Recently I was asked to provide a neutral review for  Of course I jumped at the chance to get a free plant to review (and then get to keep it in my house!).  I chose to order the two pack of 18 inch topiary trees.

I did a little research while I waited for my plants to arrive. The website features small trees, large trees, indoor trees, and outdoor trees... plants and trees for homes, commercial buildings, corporate offices, hospitals, etc. The website offers ideas and inspiration for using Museum Trees' products.

Since we live in the desert and are pretty much always in a drought, I thought of the environmental benefits of being able to have beautiful plants around without having to use water to keep them green.

Well the package from arrived much quicker than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised.

Inside the box, there was this giant bubble wrap securing the product and my teenagers promptly confiscated it for their own amusement.

Within the exterior box and bubble wrap, there were two smaller boxes which contained my two trees. There was no chance of these topiary trees breaking (no matter how the package was tossed and dropped during transit - which we all know happens more than we like).

Within each individual box, there was cardboard holding the pot and plant in place.  Some engineer must have had fun designing that.

I was very please when I finally finished taking my plant of the secure packaging.  Isn't it cute! I put a ruler next to it to show it is true to the size they described online.

The leaves are so nice and tight so that they look more realistic. It is not like those cheap topiary trees where you can kind of see a styrofoam ball inside if you look closely.  In fact, I have no idea what is inside the leaves of this topiary tree.

I love the green leaf color too.  And the pot that it came in is very nice quality and is neutral enough to go in any room in my house.  I am so happy with this!

Now the tough choice for me is where to put my topiary.  

Here is a picture of  it on my awesome gold triangle shelves that my husband made for a wedding (we liked it so much that we put it up in our living room after the wedding - only small portion pictured here).

Then I thought it might look pretty next to the table and lamp in my entryway. In real life it looks a little larger but my angle was a bit weird in this picture.  I need to work on my photography skills.

I have some cute chairs with green and blue pillows on my front porch so I thought maybe a topiary would look lovely out there.  It totally looks great with my living cactus (which I now wish was fake and easier to maintain) and my little fairy light lamp.  Again, I'm not a skilled photographer so the flash at night made this plant look a little more green than in real life but you can still see how adorable it looks out front. From what I read online, these plants are fade-resistant so this topiary should survive the hot afternoon desert sun better than the cactus it is next to.

By the way, my handy hubby made these cool chairs for me.  They used to have the Sunbrella type material for the seat and back.  Desert sun kills fabric within a few years so I had my patient husband replace the fabric with wooden slats which were painted and sealed. Now they should last longer than a few years.  I got the cute little brown table from a friend for $5.  I will paint it after I decide what color I'd like it to be.  Any suggestions?

Overall, I am very satisfied with my topiary trees (did I mention I got a two pack?). For now I have decided to keep one of them on the gold triangle shelf and one on the table on the porch.  But since I change my mind often, these adorable trees may end up visiting a variety of spots in my house. I give them a thumbs up.

If you want to order some plants for yourself, go to THIS WEBSITE. If you use the code BLOGGER10 you will receive 10% off any product (except for custom ones).

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