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Friday, May 9, 2008

Food Storage - Suggested Amounts

I'm not trying to sound like a whacked out Survivalist, but we have been counseled for years about having a year supply of food in case of hard times. Many people have not followed this counsel for whatever reason even though it was given by several prophets. Now all of a sudden there are news reports of food shortages and all of a sudden people are thinking more seriously about their year-supply so it seems. Funny how people listen to the news more than the prophet. Prophets give us warnings in advance and the news tells us as things are already happening. We don't have our full supply, but you can bet we are working on it and have been for years. We have kicked it up a notch over the past year though.

Below I have listed the minimal amount of food each of us should have for one person for one month. Multiply by 12 to figure out a year supply. For instance, our family of five needs to have 1,500 lbs. of grains and 300 lbs. of beans to survive. But we're also storing other foods that we'll want to eat, as well as toiletries, water, paper goods, cash, etc. I strongly encourage everyone to start building their food storage because I think there are hard times coming.

Minimum amount of food storage for one person for one month:
25 lb. Wheat, white rice, corn, and other grains
5 lb. Dry beans and other legumes


Michelle Marie Walton said...

Thanks! I really enjoyed reading.

Stephanie said...

You have been a busy girl. Thanks for all the information. And thanks for being such a good little missionary. You Rock.