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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Follow the Prophet - New Verses

Every week our family sings "Follow the Prophet" for our closing song at Family Home Evening. We grew tired of the same verses, so I wrote some additional ones to add some variety. Enjoy!

President Hinckley was a prophet
He taught the six Be’s
Built so many temples
To give the people peace.
Run away from evil,
Shun it from your mind.
Always share the gospel.
Be good and be kind.

Nephi was the prophet
Tried to get the plates
From the wicked Laban
Inside the city gates.
Laban would not give them
Took their gold instead
Nephi was commanded
To chop off his head.

Lehi was a prophet
Served the Lord so well
Sailed over the seas
To promised lands to dwell.
Used the Liahona
Had visions from our God
Tried to teach his family
To hold the iron rod.

Enos was a prophet
Went to hunt a beast.
Prayed all day and night
Had a spiritual feast.
He asked for forgiveness
Cried with all his soul.
His sins were forgiven
His faith had made him whole.

Ammon was a prophet
A missionary man
Went to teach the gospel
In another land.
He served King Lamoni
Guarded all the sheep
Chopped off arms of robbers
His promises to keep.

Joseph Smith was a prophet
Prayed to know the truth
He received an answer
From Heaven in his youth.
He restored the gospel
To our dreary earth
Brought the Book of Mormon
And spiritual rebirth.

President Benson was a prophet
He said pride was bad
If we compare to others
Then we will be sad.
Read the Book of Mormon
Share it with a friend
Study everyday the
Promises within.

King Benjamin was a Prophet
Worked with his own hands.
Following the Savior
Not the natural man.
Humble, meek and patient
Children we should be
Love and help each other
Serving cheerfully.

Alma was a Prophet
Converted as a man.
Left wicked King Noah
And his evil clan.
He taught many others
Baptized many too.
Prayed for his son Alma
For knowledge of the truth.

Jacob was a prophet
Warned of broken hearts
Of tender wives and children
When wickedness we start.
Seek not after riches
Or things that can be bought.
The kingdom of God
Is all that should be sought.

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