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Friday, June 20, 2008

Primary Sharing Time - I Can Be a Missionary Now (Puzzle)

Sharing Time - Missionary Work

Get a picture of Christ being baptized by John the Baptist. Cut it into the appropriate amount of puzzle pieces depending on how long you want the sharing time to be. Number the puzzle pieces.

Write the following on various puzzle pieces - 2-3 missionary songs, 2-3 stories from the scriptures or Book of Mormon reader, 2-3 missionary scriptures, 2-3 role playing situations. After the puzzle pieces are prepare and written on, put them under the children's chairs in the Primary Room.

Object Lesson: Stand in front of the primary room (standing or sitting) and start eating some of your cookies from the bag. Talk about how yummy these cookies are. Describe the cookies in detail, like how the cookie melts in your mouth, how you can taste the yummy chocolate chips etc. Talk about it being the best cookie you have ever had. Then while you're still finishing up with your cookies talk to some of the primary children how there weekend was or if they are having a good day.

After all the cookies are gone, stop and say "oh did you want one? Maybe I should have shared some of my cookies with you."

Boys and girls just like these yummy cookies that taste and look so good, did you know each of you have something better? We all have the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and we don't want to keep it to our self like when I was eating the cookies, we want to share it with others.

Tell the children to look under their seat to find a puzzle piece. Once they have found it remind them to sit up straight and get ready to help put the puzzle together.

Start calling the numbers in order. Try to get through all of them.

After you put the puzzle together, ask them what the picture is. Tell them the story in your own words.

End with your testimony of missionary work how it has blessed your life. Share a personal experience if you have enough time.

Ideas for puzzle pieces:

Called to Serve (Hymn Book #249)
Scripture Power

Role Play Situations:
How to invite a friend to a Quarterly Activity, Scouts or Activity Days.
How to invite a friend to church.
Welcome a new child who is visiting Primary.

Alma Teaches and Baptizes (from the Book of Mormon Reader. Pages 43-44)
Samuel the Lamanite tells about Jesus Christ. (from the Book of Mormon Reader. Pages 111-113)
The Sons of Mosiah Become Missionaries (from the Book of Mormon Reader. Page 53)

D&C Section 4
D& C 18:15

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