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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Personal Parent Interview

Personal Parent Interview- Parent Cheat Sheet

Obviously you can’t ask all these questions each week, but pick one to get going and most importantly once your child starts talking go where they want to go with the conversation.

What are you enjoying most about school?
Are you able to get everything done you need too?
What are you learning about in __________?
What book are you reading?
Which class are you enjoying most?
What teacher do you relate best to?
What can I do to help you in school?
Is there anything that happened you would like to talk about?
How do you feel about your friends and your relationships?

How do you feel about Family Home Evening?
What is your most challenging temptation right now?
How are you handling and what can I do to help?
How are you doing on personal scripture study?
How do you feel about personal prayers?
Are you praying both day and night?
Do you have any spiritual goals you are working on?
Sometimes bare your testimony to them!

How do you feel about your relationship with ________?
What have you done to serve your family this week?
What are you doing to strengthen our family?
What can Mom/Dad do to help you with things at home?

Ask about their specific interests in sports, music lessons, art, dance, etc.
Show genuine interest in any and everything they are involved in.

Personal Progress/ Scouting:
Check progress.

Things to Work On or Improve:
Set goals to work on for the week or month. Don’t set too many.
Pick the most important.

Family Night Assignment:
Check progress and give help when needed.

Calendar Items:
We schedule first individually so we can be more efficient during family council.

How is your job?
Do you have sufficient for your needs?
What are some ideas to earn the money you need?
How do you feel about tithing?

Personal time with Parent: We do one a month with each parent. See what work for you.

Dinner Choice: How often they get to choose depends on your family size, etc.

Thanks Michelle Walton for this great info!

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