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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Primary Activity - Get to Know the Bishopric

We did this in my old ward and it was very fun. I believe our bishopric was new at the time, but this activity could be done no matter how long the bishopric has been in place.


We want to get to know each of the members of our Bishopric today.
We are going to play a game that will help us get to know each of them better!

· Have all the children sit on the floor.
· Explain that we have asked each member of the Bishopric several questions and they gave us their answers to those questions. We will be using the answers they gave us to play this game.
· The leader has a child come pick one of the cards that are face down on the board at the front of the group.
· The child or leader reads the favorite thing that is written on the card.
· The children guess which Bishopric member listed that thing as their favorite.
· After the correct guess is made, that card is placed on the board under that Bishopric member’s name.
· Next card – same thing, etc.

Heavenly Father has given us Bishopric members to help us and guide us. They love us and want the best for us. When we follow their direction, we are blessed.

Items needed: List of Bishopric favorite things, Bishopric name cards to use as column headings, Cards (with favorite things listed), Magnets to hold the cards on the board

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