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Monday, September 22, 2008

Emergency Preparedness Tips from Houston

Here is a letter from a woman in Houston who dealt with the recent natural disaster there and was able to help others. It is a great reminder to us all to be prepared.

Our family was very prepared since we experienced the drama with Rita 3years ago, but there is still more that we could have done. I can not begin to express to you how important it is to be prepared. We all think these kinds of things will never happen to us, but they will and it is VITAL that you are READY and prepared.

When we received the offer to move to Houston 5 years ago, I made it a matter of prayer and the thought that kept coming to me was "prepare your food storage"...I now see why. There is hardly anything in the stores, nothing perishable. There is little gas. Our friend drove 30 miles to get gas near our took him 2 hours in line to finally get the gas. We are feeding our friends who don't have power. We hope to help more. It is surreal and unbelievable until you are living through it.

Please prepare yourselves. Here's a list of things that are very important to have

-well stocked fridge and freezer

-generator (this is a huge, huge deal and so worth the money-- this can keep your freezer going)


-emergency money

-a lot of bread, peanut butter and other sandwich items

-propane for your barbecues

-paper plates and utensils

-frozen fruits and vegetables


Mark has already been out on work parties and starting this weekend the church will be out every weekend helping to clean up and rebuild. I am so thankful for wise counsel to be prepared, now I am a living example--please do not wait to prepare yourself.

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