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Friday, September 26, 2008

Graveyard Brownies

Our boys look forward to our annual Halloween tradition of making graveyard brownies. The picture at the top is not our actual creation, but it is similar. These are really easy and fun to make. I'm pretty sure I originally found the idea in a magazine (like Family Fun or something).

Here's how we make our graveyard brownies....

Things you'll need:
Brownies, Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate Graham Crackers, Marshmallow Ghosts, Candy pumpkins, straws, Milano cookies, printed bats & gravestone names.

Make a pan full of brownies, let them cool, and frost them with chocolate frosting.
Crush chocolate graham crackers and put those on top of the frosting to look like dirt.
Print out the gravestone names and the bats on cardstock (you can click on the above document to print ours or make up your own).
Cut out the gravestone names and attach them to the front of the Milano cookies with tape or frosting. Another option would be to use black or orange icing to write funny names directly on the Milano cookies. We have done this before but it is frustrating for the kids to write that small.
Cut out the paper bats and attach them with tape to straws. The straws should be cut to a desired length (the bats will look like they are flying sort of).
Place the gravestones (cookies), the candy pumkins, paper bats on straws, and marshmallow ghosts on top of the brownie/crushed cookies to set up your own little graveyard.
I like to stick straws in the marshmallow ghosts to secure them to the brownies since the ghosts tend to fall over. Same with the Milano cookies.
The kids laugh and laugh over the fake gravestone names that we make up. I think we may have subconsciously pilfered some of the gravestone name ideas from the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland (one of our favorites).

Try this out for a family night activity or for a school or neighborhood party. It is always a hit!


Stephanie said...

super CUTE and fun. i might need to try that. ;)

The Wilson Family said...

Love this site!! Thanks for taking the time to publish these ideas for us to use!!!