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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fun Party Games

We just went to a fun Christmas party tonight. Here are some of the fun group games that we played.

- Gift Game: Have everyone sit in a circle. Place a wrapped gift in the middle of the room on a table. Have two box lids with 2 dice each in them. Pass the boxes around the circle and take turns rolling. If you get doubles you get to try opening the gift. The trick is that you have to put on a hat, a scarf and oven mitts and then trying opening the gift box. Our hostess had the actual had a big box and in that a smaller wrapped box, etc. The actual prize was very small. The boxes were each wrapped and taped really well. As soon as the next person rolls doubles they get to be the one to try opening the gift (and wearing all the garb). The person who actually gets to the prize gets to keep it.

- Name that Tune: Our hostess had around 30 different TV show and cartoon theme songs on a CD. We played name that tune (2 teams). The team got to hear around 3-5 seconds of the song and then had to guess the show. If they got the answer they got 2 points. If not, the other team could guess and get one point. It was very fun and hard.

- Song Game: We divided into two teams. The hostess gave us a word and we had to come up with a song that had that word in it. Then the other team had to sing a different song with that same word. It kept going until one of the teams couldn't come up with a song. We did Christmas words - star, red, night, etc. Very fun.

- Candy Bar Game: Everyone sat in a circle and had a brown lunch bag. They put a pile of different candy bars on the ground in the middle of the circle. They passed two boxes around with 2 dice in each box and when you rolled doubles you could go grab a candy bar and stick it in your bag. When another person got doubles they had the option taking a candy off of the ground or stealing your candy bar out of your bag. The clincher was that they had to remember which candy bar you had hidden in your bad and then ask you for that specific candy. There was a 5 minute time limit on the game.

- White Elephant Exchange: A classic Christmas game. Everyone brings a gift and is assigned a number. You go in order. The first person picks a gift and opens it. The next person can either pick an unwrapped gift or steal the first person's gift, etc. A gift can be stolen twice and then it is frozen and can't be taken again. Whoever went first gets to pick whatever gift they want (with the exception of the "frozen" gifts). We had funny gifts such as a personalized toilet seat, viagra, pregnancy test, chia pet, an actual white elephant, a sock monkey toy, bling-bling grill for your teeth, etc. We lucked out and got some charcoal and wood chips for our BBQ. There were also gifts like DVD's, candy, toys, games, candles, etc.

Hope you these ideas are helpful in your party plans!

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