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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Love and Logic Parenting - Give Your Kids an Emotional Insurance Policy

The most fortunate folks on Earth have a strong voice in their hearts, reminding them that they have what it takes to make it through the tough times. Because they possess this "emotional insurance policy" they face life with optimism instead of anxiety. They understand that the resources they have inside can never be taken away…and will always be at their fingertips when needed.

One of the ways we give our kids this security is by giving them as many life skills as possible. In days gone by, most children learned these skills by being heavily involved in the family economy. They learned how to unplug pipes, nail nails, screw screws, cure leaking toilets, cook meals, clean clothes, and wash dishes by helping their parents.

In today's world, I find it quite sad: the vast number of bright young adults who know nothing about changing a tire, operating a washing machine, getting themselves unstuck from a snow bank, or using a phone book. People who lack these basic skills live lives completely dependent upon others…and lives full of anxiety. "What will I do if things go bad?" they wonder. "Who will take care of me?" (From Dr. Charles Fay's newsletter)

Personal Insights:
I need to do better at teaching my children life skills rather than just doing things for them because I feel they are busy. I love the book "The Parenting Breakthrough" by Merrilee Boyack. The book lists skills that you should teach your skills at various ages. There are some things in there that I would have never even considered. Good stuff.

Emotional security also comes from spiritual knowledge. Teaching our children that the source of all peace and contentment comes through our Savior will give them security and allow them to survive these troubled times. Daily family prayer, personal prayer and scripture study, and weekly Family Home Evening, church attendance and obedience to the commandments will help give the kids the foundation they need to develop their own testimonies.

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