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Friday, December 5, 2008

Love and Logic Parenting - Mom sets limits

Mom's Book Serves a New Purpose....

Mom left our conference with a new way of handling her kids, who routinely trashed the house, expecting her to clean up and prepare dinner while they were glued to the television.

She walked into the house with a book in hand, saying, "Wow, guys! What a mess. I'll start dinner as soon as it's cleaned up. I've got a great book I want to read. I'll be in my room reading. Let me know when the house is clean."

"No way, Mom! We have to eat right away. You have to drive us to our game this evening," they argued."Oh, guys. You worry too much," she answered as she headed to her room.

Her kids came into the room several times pleading with her to come out to fix dinner—without success.

Finally they sent the oldest in to say, "Mom. Are you on something? What have you been smoking?"

"Yeah, pal. I'm not on drugs if that’s what you mean. But as you see, I've gone on strike. I'll no longer be your servant. If I don't take good care of myself, I don't know who will. Let me know when the house is clean."

She tells us that she keeps a book in her car. Each night as she arrives home from work she has it in her hand. When the kids see the book they yell, "Wait, Mom. The house is clean. Can you start dinner now?"Mom is learning how to set limits, and her kids are learning how to be more responsible.

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