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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cub Scout Games

We had a fun den meeting this week at the neighborhood park. We played games. The other den leader found a great book with game ideas in it (can't remember the title) and here are the games we played:

Sour Sweep - We had the boys use a long stick to push (not whack) a lemon across the basketball court and back. It was actually quit a challenge and they liked it. They all wanted to keep their lemons. We didn't let them keep the sticks...

Wiggles - Each boy picked a partner. One of the boys laid on their back while the other one watched to make sure they didn't wiggle. The "watching" partner placed a dime on the "laying down" boy's nose. The challenge was to get the dime to fall off of your nose. Tricky part was you could ONLY wiggle your nose and had to keep your head completely still. Try it. It is hard to get that dime to wiggle. Then they switched places.

Bedlam in the Barnyard - All the boys form a circle, standing up. One boy is in the middle with a blindfold on. Turn the blindfolded boy around several times and then have him point toward one of the boys. The blindfolded boy names a barnyard animal and the boy that he pointed at has to make that animal sound. Then the blindfolded boy has to guess which friend it was making the animal sound. If he guesses right, then they switch places and the friend gets to be blindfolded. Silly, but fun.

Cup-les - Boys pick a partner. The partners have a plastic cup and they hold it between their foreheads (one boy has the top of the cup on his forehead and the other boy has the bottom of the cup). They have to keep pressure on the cup with their heads and walk across the basketball court. On the other side of the basketball court there is a small object that they need to pick up with their hands. The have to work together to stoop down and grab the object and then walk back across the court. If the cup falls, they start over.

Pebble Toss - We brought small flat rocks. This is an individual challenge for the boys. The boy places a rock on the back of his hand. Then he tosses the rock up and tries to catch it with that same hand. If successful he tries it with two rocks, then three, etc. See how many rocks they can balance, then toss and catch. They liked this one.

Yo-Tay - We went to the sand volleyball court for this one. Boys picked partners. They used a stick to flatten a square of sand. Then they dug 30 holes in a square (5 across, 6 down, evenly spaced). One boy was given 12 shells and one given 12 rocks. They each would take turns placing one of their markers in a hole. The object of the game was to try to "jump" your partners object and then keep that object. You could only jump the item if your objects were right next to each other and their was an empty space to jump into (sort of like checkers). Diagonal jumping was not allowed. This was fun and was a game that the kids could play at the park with their family or friends in the future.

We played all these games in 1 hour timeframe. We were having so much fun that we had a woman come up to us and ask us about our group. She has a 6 year old and said she can't wait for her son to be able to be a Cub Scout. We praised the Cub Scouts for being such good examples.

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