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Monday, February 9, 2009

Life is Good

As I drove my Junior High student to school today I noticed a bumper sticker on the Jaguar car stopped in front of me.

It said "Life is Good."

That started me thinking. I wonder why the owner of that car thinks life is good? Is it because they are driving a Jaguar? Is it because they have a great job? Riches? A nice home? A "perfect" child? A healthy body? Lots of friends? Few problems/challenges? Power? Fame? Life of leisure?

I agree that life is good, but what is the REAL reason that life is good?

Life can be "good" without a Jaguar, great job, tons of money, a nice home, perfect kids, health and tons of friends. I agree that lots of these things, such as a home, health, and sufficient income can certainly make our earthly journey easier and more comfortable, but they are not the source of true happiness.

So what do you think makes life "good?"

Here are some things that I think make life good (not in any particular order):
1) Faith in Jesus Christ and in His Infinite Atonement
2) An eternal family striving to learn and grow and support each other
3) A testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel
4) Growth experiences that make us stronger, even if they make us uncomfortable
5) Spiritual insights and lessons
6) Belonging to the Lord's restored church that teaches correct principles and offers spiritual support and eternal ordinances
7) A living prophet who gives current revelation
8) Scriptures to teach us and help us learn eternal truths and how to deal with earthly experiences
9) Service and the wonderful feeling you have when our hearts are knit together in unity and love
10) Loving one another, regardless of our imperfections
11) Agency
12) Having an earthly body and learning how to conquer the natural man
13) Praying to a Heavenly Father that loves us, listens to us and responds to us
14) Blessings of the priesthood, the power of God on the earth
15) The temple and the covenants and truths that we learn therein
16) Hope and faith, rather than fear and despondency
17) Gratitude for what we have and being content with our blessings and situation
18) Serving the Lord by doing your calling well and helping others
19) Sharing the gospel with those who are prepared to learn
20) Learning and gaining knowledge
21) Clarity of thought and purpose
22) Always remembering Him and keeping His commandments
23) Being able to control our attitude no matter what the circumstances
24) Obedience and striving for righteousness. The scripture "Wickedness never was happiness" really is true. Life can't be good with sin.

I could go on all day, but you get the idea.

So during these times that seem full of economic upheaval, natural disasters, attacks on the family, loss of values, greed, materialism and self-interest, I am hear to tell you that life can still be good. Have faith, not fear. Do right, not wrong. And have an eternal perspective in all things and we can make it through these tough times. I am convinced these tough experiences are preparing us, as a society, for good things to come. But that will be another post....

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Stephanie said...

thanks for the post. it is always nice to have a reminder that life is good. ;)