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Monday, March 9, 2009

Love and Logic - Getting Kids to Talk About Their Day

Conversation between a parent and child:

"Hi, Jamie. How was your day?"


"How was school?"


"What did you do today at school?"


"Well, you must have done something."

"Just regular stuff."

"How was your lunch?"

"I don't know. Okay, I guess."

Does this sound familiar? Would you like your kids to be just a little more talkative? Experiment with this:

Dr. Charles Fay calls this the "30 Minute Rule." It's based upon the fact that kids watch our every move, copying us in their subconscious drive to learn how to be big. For the next 2 months, avoid the temptations to ask questions of your kids during the first 30 minutes after they come home. Instead, talk with excitement or enthusiasm about your own day instead.


"It's good to see you. Guess what I got to do today… And not only that, I learned…and I heard…and I couldn't wait to tell you about it. I hope you had a great day."

One of these days you'll get a surprise; it will sound like, "But Mom. I've got to tell you what happened today." By the way, this works great with spouses.

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