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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cub Scouts - Edible Campfire

I found this online and thought it was so cute to use at Pack Meeting this month. The theme for June is "A Camping We Will Go."
1 coffee filter (fire clearing)
1 small paper cup of water (bucket to put out fire)
Miniature marshmallows (to make fire circle)
Shredded coconut (tinder get the fire started)
Red Licorice (kindling - to keep the fire growing)
Tootsie Rolls (fuel - big logs)

As the Cubs build their own "campfire", talk about why each
ingredient is important. After the "fire" is built, enjoy eating
this special treat.


Valerie said...

Cute idea! I've never seen that before.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. This is a really neat blog.