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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cub Scouts - Pack Meeting Ideas for August and September 2009

Theme for September Cub Scout Pack Meeting is Pockets:

Pocket Treasure Hunt Gathering Activity

Have a box containing items that a Cub Scout may have in their pockets (paper clips, beads, string, marbles, rocks, twigs, legos, yarn, coins, acorns, felt, etc.).

Have a form with items in one column and blank spaces for names on the other column. You can use the provided form or make your own.

As people arrive, have them pick at item from the box and quickly put it in their pocket. People collect signatures on the paper as they ask others which of the listed items they have in their pocket.

Give prizes for things like: who has the most signatures, people who collect all the signatures, person with the most Wolf signatures (or Bear or Webelos), youngest participant, oldest participant, person who met someone new, etc. Be creative. People love prizes. There are graphics attached that you could use for candy bar prizes (Mounds or Snickers). Be aware and sensitive to food allergies in your pack.

Theme for August 2009 is "Fun in the Sun":

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