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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Primary Talk - Bible Prophets Teach Me How to Strengthen My Family

Adam was the first prophet on the earth. In the Bible, we can read about Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve formed the first family here on earth. By following their examples we can learn how to strengthen our own families.

Adam honored his wife Eve. I can treat women with respect and treat my family members nicely.

Adam learned the difference between good and evil. I can learn to choose the right and always listen to promptings from the Holy Ghost.

Adam was honest. When he partook of the fruit with Eve he was honest when he confessed his transgression to Heavenly Father even though he must have been ashamed. I can be honest in my family and admit when I make a mistake even when I am embarrassed or think I might get in trouble.

Adam was worthy to hold the priesthood. I can prepare to receive the priesthood when I am 12. I am grateful that my dad and big brother hold the priesthood.

Adam worked hard to provide for his family. I can work to help my family now and to develop my talents and get a good education so that I can provide for my future family someday.

Adam listened to the Lord and learned the gospel. I can listen to prophets and study the scriptures by myself and with my family.

Adam also taught the gospel to his family. I can be like Adam and share the gospel with others and be a strong missionary.

Adam obeyed the commandments. I can be obedient and when I make a mistake, I can repent.

Adam was patient. Some of his children fought and made wrong choices, but he still loved them and tried to teach them. I would like to be patient like Adam and not get mad at my brother when he is mean.

Adam loved his family. I love my family too and I will treat them with respect just like Adam did.

I am grateful for the Bible and Book of Mormon. The scriptures teach me about prophets and how they lived. We can follow the examples of the prophets and learn how to strengthen our own families.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Ruth said...

Thanks for the talk. My son got asked to speak at the last minute, and we really appreciated this resource!

Relatively Ririe said...

Same here, this is a fabulous resource! Thank you for sharing this, and for all of the wonderful information in your blog!