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Monday, October 19, 2009

Cub Scouts - Flag Ceremony


Color Guard, Attention! (**when commanding the color guard, say the word “attention” in an authoritative way… like, “Aaa-tennnn-TION!!!!” – this will also help the audience realize that the flag ceremony is starting**)

Color Guard, Forward March!
(The audience should rise at the Flag becomes visable.
The audience at this point should not salute or cover their hearts. The flag will still be furled.)

(>>wait for color guard to reach the front<<)
Color Guard, Halt! Color Guard, Present the Colors ( Color Guard will now un- furl the flag and hold it at a 40 degree angle, all in uniform will salute and those not in uniform cover their hearts.)

At this point the announcer will begin the Pledge of Allegiance and the Audience will follow suit.
I pledge allegiance - to the Flag - of the United States of America - And to the Republic - for which it stands - One Nation Under God – Indivisible - and with Liberty and Justice for All. (**Color Guard does not salute or say the Pledge of Allegiance**)

TWO! (**Everyone drops salute**)

Color Guard Post the Flag of the United States of America!

Color Guard, Post the Flag of Pack 123!
(**Skip this part if you are not using a pack flag**)

Color Guard, Honor your Colors! (**Flag bearers salute the US flag**)

TWO! (Color Guard drops salute)

Color Guard, return to ranks. (>>wait for flag bearers return to formation<<)

Color Guard, Halt!

Color Guard, At Ease!

Audience, Please be seated.


Color Guard, Attention!

Audience, Please Rise!

Color Guard, Forward March!
(>>wait for color guard to reach the front<<)

Color Guard, Halt!

Scout Salute!


Color Guard, Retrieve the Colors! (>>wait for flag bearers to pick up their flags<<)

Color Guard, Return to Ranks! (>>wait for flag bearers to return to formation<<)

Audience, Thank you for joining us.

Color Guard, Dismissed!

Just a couple of rules to remember:

1. You never salute a furled flag ( ie a flag that is being held against the pole)

2. The United States flag should never be crossed behind another flag. The U.S. flag will always be in front.

3. The United States flag should never be lower than another flag. So hold it up higher

4. The U.S. flag should be posted to the right of a speaker or on the audiences left.

5. The Color Guard should not salute or say the Pledge of Allegiance. Their job is to guard the flag at that moment.

6. The announcer does not have to invite the audience to say the Pledge, he can just start and the audience will follow.

7. In the Pledge, there is no pause between One Nation Under God.

8. The word TWO at the end of the Pledge just means second position. First position is the salute, and TWO, or second position is to break salute.

9. It is o.k. to direct the audience of what they are supposed to do before beginning the Flag ceremony - to remind them to stand when the flag becomes visible in their peripheral vision and to place their hands over their heart once the flag as been presented.

The Color Guard can be, but is not limited to 3 persons in Uniform (another reason boys need uniforms)

There should be at least a flag bearer and 2 guards for each flag. So 3 color guards for the U.S. Flag and 3 guards if you use the State Flag and a bearer for a Pack flag if you use that. (Pack flag does not need guards)

There are several different versions that are available, but this will be the one taught and hopefully done properly at Round Table.

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Stephanie said...

thanks for all the helpful tips. it is nice to have a quick reference. :)