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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cub Scouts - "Power Up" Cheers for Pack Meeting

Amateur Electrician - Fix light switch then turn on light and get shocked. Say: "Buzz-z-z-z," while shaking arm.

Electricity - Place both index fingers together and say "ZIP ZAP ZOP!"

Light Bulb - Pretend like screwing in light bulb, saying, "Bright, bright, bright."

Livewire - Grab onto a live electrical wire and shake the whole body, while saying

Locomotive - Begin by slapping your left arm slowly with your right hand. Gradually
increase the speed, working down over the left palm to the end of the fingers. Then place your right hand over your eyes as if peering into the distance. Imitate a train whistle, -Whoo-whoo, whoo".

Mad Scientist -Pretend to hold up a test tube in one hand. Pour something into it, then add something else, then yell "KAB00000000M!!"

Sonic Boom - Open mouth and clap hands silently, wait a couple of seconds and yell

Tightrope - Have your arms out pretending to balance yourself on a tightrope. Lean to
one side and go "AHHHHH" as you simulate falling.

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