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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Combating Pornography

Here is a great website called "Combating Pornography" that is helpful to anyone dealing with pornography problems. There is info for individuals, spouses, parents, youth and leaders. Most families struggle with this either in their nuclear or extended family.

Pornography is a huge problem in our society and I am grateful for resources to help us combat it!

Click here to read the an awesome talk by Jeffrey Holland. We read that talk with our children tonight as a family and it was very sobering. It resulted in a very meaningful conversation.

Later at night, my teenage son came down and asked me to block the internet on his Ipod Touch so that he wouldn't be tempted to look at pornography now that he realized how serious Satan is about tricking us and getting people addicted to pornography. I was so happy he made that choice. As he walked away from me, he said, "Thanks for inspiring me mom."

I am so grateful that we were able to read and discuss that talk with our three sons and that they listened to our strong testimonies on this subject. I am grateful Elder Holland gave the powerful talk (I just love his direct attitude). And I am grateful for the Atonement that helps us overcome sin and sadness. Our Savior and Heavenly Father will always be stronger and smarter than Satan but Satan is sure trying his darnedest to sabotage mankind. Luckily Satan uses the same old stupid tricks so once you're on to his devious plans, it is easy to avoid his snares.

Hope this website is helpful to your family too.

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