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Monday, January 31, 2011

Cub Scouts - Resourcefulness Pack Meeting Idea

The Cub Scout theme for February 2011 is "Resourcefulness." At den meeting, we are having the boys make different artistic things out of recycled items. Cub Scouts love this sort of thing! I believe we are using them to decorate at the Blue & Gold dinner. (I am not in Cub Scouting as a leader now, but I still have a son in the pack). I've also heard of packs making fun things like this at den meetings or as an activity at Pack Meeting.
The picture above shows items my son made at home out of recycled items. He used items like old tin cans, shoelaces, film canisters, broken pieces from toys, pipe cleaners, popcicle sticks, broken erasers, old push pins, binder clips, and his favorite item - the red wax that the Babybel cheeses come wrapped in (which he warms up and molds into little animals and creatures).

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