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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Handouts

Here are some cute ideas for teacher appreciation week at school. I saved the graphics as jpg's but if you have trouble printing them, email me at and let me know and I can email you the files in pdf format or in Powerpoint.

Attach this "Thanks for going the EXTRA mile" handout to a pack of Extra gum...

Attach this handout to a small bag of M-n-M's...

is for the inspiration you give each day
is for your patience in showing the way
is for your warmth and caring
is for the way you make students smile
is for the many live you've touched this year

You're a
"Magnificent and Marvelous" teacher.

Thank you for being an M&M teacher!

Attach this handout to a bag of peanuts...

Attach this handout to a flower...

We are also doing a luncheon for our teachers at school... Taco Bar!

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Erin said...

These are so sweet. Thanks for the printables!