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Monday, May 23, 2011

What are all those buttons for?

Here's a picture of the center dash of my new minivan. Is it me or is this just WAY to high tech? It looks like something you'd see in a spaceship.

I don't even know what half the buttons do. And there are even more buttons on the steering wheel and by the door. Supposedly I can talk to the van and tell it what to do. It will do whatever I want it to. I wonder if there is an option like that to install on my husband and boys.

I don't care about most of the high tech stuff, but two things I do like - the little hook-up that lets me play my ipod on the stereo system and the button that tells me how many mpg's I get and my average rate of speed. Yes, I know I am boring and not of this decade.

I don't let my hubby drive the van too often because he doesn't pay attention to the road because he just wants to play with all the buttons and gadgets. Silly boy!

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