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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chicken Killer?

Babysitting a friend's "bird dog" + one careless husband = one totally dead chicken, one injured chicken, a sobbing child, an angry wife, and a remorseful and somewhat terrified man.

Poor Scotty was traumatized after losing two of our chickens this week. We'd been watching the Jensens' dog, Maddie, for five days and all had gone well. We knew she loved to catch birds so we'd been vigilant about keeping Maddie away from the chicken coop all week. Then we made a fatal error. Or should I say Thane did. After being warned repeatedly about Maddie, Thane came home fro a business trip and then the next day let Maddie out in the yard unattended for 30 minutes while he swam. Maddie broke through the coop, totally killed our little brown chick (Bren)and injured our black and white chick (Tacky). The two big chickens (Scout and Mally Moe) hid up top and stayed safe. The white chick (Snowball) seemed unharmed but died later that night in the cage. She just laid down and started breathing slowly and then died in the middle of the night. Scott was so mad at Thane that he took back Thane's Father's Day card that was homemade by Scott (he later gave the card back to Thane). Scott cried his eyes out and then cried himself to sleep at night. It was a traumatic experience. Now I have to joke about it and I told Scott that we'd name our next chickens "Puppy Chow" and "Chicken Nugget." He thought my humor was bad. We bought three new black chickies that Monday and we called them Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3...

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