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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cub Scouts - "Around the World" Day Camp Ideas

My friend Carmen in Texas just attended Cub Scout Day Camp this past week (5 days) with her son. The theme was "Around the World."  For those people out there who may be planning their own day camp, I thought I'd share some of the ideas.  These crafts, activities, games and science fun could also be used for pack or den meetings (or even at home with families).

Crafts –
To go along with the "Around the World" theme, they tied the crafts to different countries. There was a big flag displayed by each station to represent that country.

Africa – Made homemade drums

Africa - Mancala Game (made with a wooden board on bottom, then added small wooden strips to make holes for the board game, used beads for game pieces instead of small rocks)

Bubble Blower – They cut a water bottle in half. They used the top half of the bottle, attached a thin cloth with a rubber band to cover the open bottom part of the bottle. Then they dipped the cloth end in dish soap and sprayed with water. They made bubbles by opening the top of the water bottle and blowing through it. (not sure what country that represents, but it sounds fun!  Maybe from the Land of Oz or someplace LOL)

Japan – Origami (Eagle Scout project coordinated by one Scout) – learned how to make a paper cup, poppers, windmill

Scotland – Whirligigs

Rainstick – (they said that no one is quite sure of the country of origin of the rainstick, but lots of countries and civilizations have used them)

Other Activities -

Raingutter Regatta using boats that have balloons attached to them to propel them.

Woodworking – several projects


Cheese/Mouse/Cat/Dog Game – This is a chasing game. Boys are divided into four groups – Cheese, Mice, Cats, Dogs. Each group is given a different color cloth (or item) to hold in their hand (for instance, “Cheese” people have orange, “Mice” have blue, etc.). Then the game of chase begins. Dogs can only chase cats, cats can only chase mice, mice can only chase the cheese and the cheese doesn’t get to chase anyone. If you get tagged, you switch roles with the person you tag (and switch cloths). After getting the hang of it, they then switched it from Cheese, Mice, Cats and Dogs to using Bobcats, Wolves, Bears and Webelos (Webelos chase Bears, Bears chase Wolves, Wolves chase Bobcats and Bobcats just try not to get caught). Super fun.

Science -

Bristlebot (robot made with toothbrush head) -

Lemon Batter -

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