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Friday, June 10, 2011

Cub Scouts - Totem Craft

This activity meets requirements for: Webelos Craftsman 4 (1 of 4)

Supplies Needed:
Leather Piece: Neckerchief Slide & Medallion
Wax String
Spiral Coils
Leather Stamping Set
2 Alphabet Box
Scout 3D Stamps
Design Stamps
Stamp Handles?
Wood Mallets
Pounding Boards

Boys will wet leather piece using a sponge and then stamp their name in the leather, adding decorative stamps of their choice. Then they will thread the wax string through the holes in the leather creating a neck strap. And they will connect spiral coils to the bottom to hold their bead rewards.

Thank you to Michelle Walton for this great idea!

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