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Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Christmas Gift Wrap

My friend's cousin has created a line of gift wrap products that celebrate the Christ in Christmas.  I love this idea and her products are beautiful.  Click HERE if you're interested.

On the site, people can also click on their Christmas Blog (Keep Christ in Christmas - the blog) to find and share Nativity crafts, traditions, and other ideas.  I am a huge collector of Nativities and love displaying them in my home during the holidays.  I even keep 3-4 of my favorite ones displayed all year in a cabinet in my living room.  After all, Christ is the center of my life all year long so why not keep a symbol of His birth out all year long too, right?

There are two things that will soon be posted on her blog that will be going on during November that sound interesting...

1) They are collecting photos of homemade Nativities/manger scenes to display on the blog.

2) They will be running a children's Nativity Art Contest from November 4-18th.  She already displays children's Nativity drawings on her site, but she will be selecting some children's artwork to use in the wrap or on gift tags in 2012.

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