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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Goodies - The Dilemma

We have a dilemma in our house.  I am feeling a bit like the Little Red Hen. (click HERE if you're not familiar with the story)  If you can't tell, I may have overworked myself recently and am feeling frustrated.  Here's the scoop.

Yesterday I spent most of the day baking cookies and treats for neighbor and friend gifts.  (Did I mention we have a LOT of neighbors and friends?)  Usually I enjoy baking, but not so much during the month of December when I am so short on time and my to do list is so big.  (Did I mention that my Christmas gifts are not wrapped and I still have some shopping to do?  Feeling the Christmas crunch pressure)  Of course my kids were too busy playing with friends to help make the cookies.  And the hubby was working at home all day but somehow did find time to go to Costco to buy a huge TV that he's been dreaming about... (Yes, I know I am sounding a little whiny and poor-me-ish)

We've been receiving several plates of goodies, homemade salsa, clever gifts, etc. every night for the last two weeks.  Every time the doorbell rings, my kids run to the door to get the goodies and they usually devour them before the night is through.

Here's where "Angry Baking Mama" gets grouchy.  Last night, I asked my husband and children to DELIVER the goodies that I put together.  Keep in mind that I shopped for the ingredients, I put the ingredients together, I baked the cookies, I put the plates together and I made the cute tags, etc.  They all started murmuring and complaining about having to deliver the goodies.

So I gave an ultimatum... I said, "Whoever makes and/or delivers the Christmas goodies to others gets to eat the ones that we receive.  You don't help GIVE, you don't RECEIVE!"

In the story, the Little Red Hen said, "Who will help me make this bread?"

In the case of Angry Baking Mama it would be, "Who will help me make these cookies?".... "Who will help me package up these cookies?"... "Who will help me deliver these cookies?"...

"Not I," said Son 1.
"Not I," said Son 2.
"Not I," said Son 3.
"Not I," said the Hubby.

Then at the end of the story, the Little Red Hen asks, "Who is going to eat this bread?"

Angry Baking Mama asks, "Who will help me eat the platefuls of caloric goodies that are coming through our front door?"

"I will," grunted Son 1.
"I will," quacked Son 2.
"I will," purred Son 3.

"Oh no, you won't," said the Angry Baking Mama "I bought the ingredients, I baked the goodies, I packaged the cookies, I cleaned up the kitchen, I delivered the cookies all by myself. I shall now eat the neighbor gifts all by myself."

Son 1, Son 2, Son 3 and the hubby all stood and watched as the Angry Baking Mama ate all the Christmas goodies all by herself. It was delicious and she enjoyed it, right to the very last crumb.

Okay, so maybe I didn't and won't eat all the goodies since I really don't feel like gaining weight and getting a sugar rush and tummy ache but it sort of sounds fun in theory.

Epilogue:  Hubby did reluctantly commit to help deliver the goodies today and there is still hope that the boys will help out without murmuring and mumbling the whole time....   In the meantime, Angry Baking Mama earned herself a pedicure and a chance to ponder and plan out how to simplify things for next year while the rest of the family goes out delivering and delivering and delivering.

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope that you don't feel alone if you're a Little Red Hen this time of year too.

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Pam said...

After reading my blog post, my hubby's response was, "So where are those Scotch-a-roo cookies that were delivered last night?"!!!!