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Monday, January 9, 2012

Nursery - Door Sign

Having worked in Nursery at church for several years, I noticed some recurring issues:
1) Parents who "hang out" in Nursery and don't attend their classes.  Too many adults leads to overcrowding and lots of times the adults end up socializing and ignoring the kids.  Not to mention that parents are missing their classes while we are taking time to provide a service for them so they can attend classes.
2) People coming and opening to door several times each hour (to check on their kids, drop something off, socialize, etc.).  My worry with the door opening is that a little one will slip out unnoticed or get bonked when the door opens.  It is also upsetting and/or distracting to the toddlers, especially if they are missing their parents.  We have windows in the door for parents to peek in because they do have the right to check in at any time.  They don't have the right to be a distraction though.

I put a JPG file up above of our door sign.  Here are the words below in case you'd like to copy and paste it and then reformat it.

Attention Nursery Parents:
Our nursery is so very full with children dear and sweet
We like to teach them lessons and give them snacks to eat
But with so many small ones, it sometimes gets quite loud
With all these little toddlers, it feels like a big crowd.
Every time the door opens, we cause disruption for the kiddos
We kindly ask that parents check on children through the windows.
Thank you for NOT opening the door during our class time.   
If you need something urgently, please KNOCK and we will quietly come to the door.
Also, we ask that no parents stay in the Nursery
unless you have been asked to sub. 
Thanks!  Your Nursery Leaders

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