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Monday, February 20, 2012

Helpful Household Tips

 Socks always drive me nuts!  I have to wash them, match them, sort them by each child, put them into the kids' rooms... all to have them grab socks and bring them back downstairs every morning.  So my husband had a brilliant idea.  He said, "Why don't you just put a big basket of socks on top of the dryer and just store them all there?" BRILLIANT!  This saves me so much time and since the laundry room is downstairs, the kids can just grab their socks out in the morning instead of running back upstairs after breakfast.  We've been using this system for a few years and still love it!
 Another thing that drives me nuts is toothbrushes.  After my son told me he accidentally used my toothbrush because it was the same color as mine, I freaked.  I came up with this fun idea.  I just repurposed jars that I had washed in the dishwasher.  I glued them together with E6000 glue and then put binder clips to hold the names.  I took this picture before I put the names on there.  So far, so good!  And I can rest easy knowing that my son isn't contaminating my toothbrush.
 Another area that needed to be controlled was jackets.  We don't have a mud room in our house (I wish!).  We have a laundry room that leads from the garage to the house with limited space.  So my handy dandy hubby made us a storage area for jackets and such.  There are two levels (one for the taller people to use and one for the younger kids).  In the summer, we put away the jackets away and hang out bathing suits, towels and goggles on the hooks.  We REALLY use this area a lot.

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