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Monday, February 20, 2012

Minute to Win It Games

We had a bunch of fun games at our son's birthday party.  We got the ideas from the official Minute to Win It website.  This first game involved hanging a yo yo from your waist and then trying to knock down empty soda cans within a minute.  Harder than it looks!

The next game involved putting unsharpened pencils on the back of your hand.  Then you have to try to toss the pencils and catch them.  Do this adding one at a time, up to a dozen pencils.

In this game, kids took turns sorting a bunch of m-n-m's into different containers.  All the candies were mixed in one cup and the kids had to separate them by color using only one hand.  I think we used about 60 candies for each person.

Another games we did was putting an Oreo type cookie on each person's forehead.  Then they had to wiggle their face to move the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without moving their head.

We played a game where kids had to stack dice at the end of a popsicle stick stuck between their teeth.  The winner was the one who stacked and balanced 6 dice within the minute.

The puzzle game was fun as well.  I took two cereal boxes and cut them into puzzles.  Each participant had to race to put their puzzle together first.  I threw in a few extra pieces to confuse them.

Last game involved sucking up m-n-m's with a straw and placing them on several straws that were sticking up from wood.  We drilled holes in the wood for the straws to fit into so that they would be firm.

Overall, a HUGE success.  We had prizes for people too and trophy for the overall winner.  The trophy was just a tacky plastic one from the party store.

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