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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Primary - Captain Righteousness

The second counselor in our bishopric is a great sport.  He dresses up as CAPTAIN RIGHTEOUSNESS and pops in to surprise our Primary group during singing/sharing time about once a month.  Before he comes in, the lights are all suddenly turned off and a flashlight is turned on and focused on a small CTR sign on the chalkboard.  Then the kids get excited because they know a special visitor is coming.

He calls one class up to the front of the room and asks each child to tell something that they have done to Choose the Right recently.  Then he gives them a CTR ring to remind them to continue to choose the right.  The kids LOVE it and I must admit it makes me giggle too.

What a great tradition that kids (and teachers) will surely remember.


Samantha said...

where did y'all find the green chest plate I LOVE this Idea!! These are things the kids never forget i love things like that!

Samantha said...

I LOVE this where did y'all find the mask and Green Chest plate? I love things that will make a lasting impression!!

Pam said...

We have a crafty person (not me) who made the mask and chest plate. I think spray paint was involved on the chest plate. The kids LOVED it! Unfortunately our ward split so Captain Righteousness went to the new ward. We'll have to see if anyone has the guts to dress up like this and be random and fun ;)