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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Worksheet Activities for School

On this printable worksheet above, the student changes one word into another, one letter at a time. At each step along the way, change only one letter to make a new word. At the end, you have the final, related Valentine's Day word. Click HERE to see details.

Have students write as many words as they can using only the letters in Valentine's Day.  Click HERE for details.

Click HERE for some other fun Valentine's Day activities for children from "Enchanted Learning."

Heart Questions
 1.  What is a sweetheart ?      
 2.  What heart has a burning in the stomach or is on fire ? 
 3.  What heart is sincere ?
 4.  What heart has contractions ?
 5.  What heart has insects that live in a dog ?
 6.  What heart is a central land area ?
 7.  What heart is cruel ?
 8.  What heart has emotional distress and hurts ?
 9.  What heart makes sound or whispers ?
 10.  What heart suddenly stops working ?
Answers (I wouldn't do matching, just have them fill in the blank to the above questions. 
 1.  Candy Heart
 2.  Heartburn
 3.  Heartfelt
 4.  Heartbeat
 5.  Heartworm
 6.  Heartland
 7.  Heartless
 8.  Heartache
 9.  Heart Murmur
 10.  Heart Attack