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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Movie - Mirror Mirror

I had the chance to preview the movie Mirror Mirror on Saturday, 3/24.  I'd seen the commercials and wasn't quite sure what to expect from the movie because the commercials seemed sort of mindless.  I don't think the commercials did the movie justice.  The movie starts at theaters everywhere on 3/30/12.

This movie was delightful and fun.  The casting was perfect - Julie Roberts was a perfect wicked queen and Lily Collins was a lovely Snow White with her flawless skin, dark hair and kind but strong attitude.  And since I am a big fan of the movie "Elf," I was pleased to see that one of the dwarfs was played by the "angry elf" in that movie (you'd need to see "Elf" to understand that reference).  Nathan Lane is always fun to watch.  The prince was handsome too but his acting skills were overshadowed by the stronger figures in the film.

The costumes were simply amazing.  Some of the make-up and costumes almost reminded me of those in The Hunger Games (at the capitol).  The dialogue was witty overall and only a few times was it a bit cheesy (like when a dwarf says, "Snow Way!").  At one point the queen gives the prince what she thinks is love potion. Of course the love potion is actually puppy love potion so the prince starts acting like a puppy.  It was slightly disturbing to watch him try to lick Julia Roberts but the kids in the audience just thought it was funny.

As the movie ended, the audience broke into an applause of praise and approval.  True, this movie may not win any Oscars, but it is worth seeing for sure.  During the movie credits there was a little "after-show" musical dance number that was fun to watch.  Reminded me of Bali-wood.  Be sure to stay for that.

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