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Friday, April 6, 2012

Flower Pom Poms

We made a bunch of cute pom pom flowers last night to use for our Teacher Appreciation "Fiesta" Luncheon next month.  I know that it is still a month away, but I am SO not a last minute girl so I wanted to work on them in advance.  A big SHOUT OUT to the ladies at church who helped me make all these last night.  I'll make the rest soon.

The large pom poms were made using 10 sheets of tissue paper.  The medium and smaller pom poms were made using colored napkins from Walmart (dinner napkins and cocktail size napkins).  I used 6 napkins for each pom pom.  The napkins were 24 for $0.99 at Walmart so that means each pom pom cost around $0.25 since I can make 4 from one pack of napkins.

Here's a LINK to see how to make them.

We're going to use fishing line to hang these from the ceiling at our Fiesta Luncheon next month.  Our school ceilings have metal frames on them so I'll use magnets to attach the fishing line to the ceiling.  I'm sure it will look great!  I'll use some of the smaller pom pom flowers for bouquets on the tables.

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